Crowdfunding : French Lumo platform part of Citizenergy

Crowdfunding : French Lumo platform part of Citizenergy

The European platform for crowdfunding Citizenergy (“energy citizens”) will be launched next autumn. Lumo crowdfunding platform-France is part of the consortium that carries the project.

Citizenergy is a new initiative to boost citizen engagement and investment in renewable energy through the creation of a European crowdfunding platform. Citizenergy is generously supported by the European Union.

Launching in autumn 2015
The Citizenergy investment platform is being made possible by the European Union via a project of the same name. The Citizenergy project, which began in 2014, aims to support the development of renewable energies on the basis of ‘citizen involvement.’ This cutting-edge project will see the creation of the first crowdfunding platform for renewables that extends beyond national borders and thus promotes the European-wide transfer of business models that help finance renewable energy projects while identifying barriers to citizen investment.

By the project’s official end in early 2017, the platform will have been piloted with six renewable projects in six European countries, having boosted effective engagement and investment in renewable energies amongst members of the public. The Citizenergy platform will endure far past the project end, as will the resulting European network on renewable energy initiatives, which will continue to lobby for favourable conditions with respect to the crowdfunding of renewables into the future.

The Citizenergy project consortium is composed of 14 partner organisations from 11 European countries.
Renewable energy is inevitably decentralised. This decentralised character means a shift towards regionalised energy production. It allows the participation of ordinary individuals in energy production, turning consumers into ‘prosumers’ with the ability to produce a share of the energy they consume.

We now have the unique opportunity to shape the way in which our energy is produced and supplied. Citizenergy enables ordinary people to directly participate in the future of Europe’s energy mix by offering the chance to invest in renewable energy projects.

As of autumn 2015, CITIZENENRGY will serve as a unique online renewable energy investment platform, connecting people with investment opportunities in renewable energy projects across Europe and eventually aggregating partner crowdfunding platforms throughout Europe.


In addition to offering renewables projects not found anywhere else online, Citizenergy strives to be the “” of crowdfunding for renewables, with the goal of eventually aggregating offerings from renewables crowdfunding platforms across Europe and acting as a marketplace for other European crowdfunding platforms.

Interested in eventually becoming a partner platform of Citizenergy? Register your interest now!

In its initial phase, a focus will be placed on offerings from three partner platforms: Green Crowding (Germany),Lumo (France) and Abundance Generation (UK).

Become part of the energy revolution !

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