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Tha Fairphone : A smartphone with social values !

"Buy a fairphone, Join a movement" is kind of slogan for this new smartphone The least we can say is that the smartphone industry and much was written on its unethical and unsustainable nature... A few months the program "Cash investigation", broadcasted last November on France 2 TV and presented by Elise Lucet, pointed out issues around child [...] Lire la suite

How does the European Social Funds (FSE) help european entrepreneurship

Bringing opportunities to Lithuanian ‘Neet’ youngsters -   ESF- funded project to support more than 35 000 young people as they build a future. The nationwide ‘Discover Yourself’ project aims to reduce the number of young people aged between 15 and 29 who are not in education, employment or training (‘Neet’). It boosts [...] Lire la suite

Going digital in Denmark

ESF funding to boost Danish SMEs’ digitalisation processes and e-commerce. A new project, managed by FDIH, the Danish e-commerce association, aims to support SMEs in their digitalisation efforts, while enhancing their productivity and exploiting the potential of e-commerce. Helping SMEs embrace the digital economy is seen as a way of [...] Lire la suite

Partners in Poland’s social economy

Lower Silesia Voivodship is boosting the region’s ‘third sector’ with the help of ESF funding. Over EUR 3.7 million will go towards the creation of new non-government organisations (NGOs) and for capacity-building in NGOs already established in the sub-regions of Wałbrzyski, Wrocławski, Jeleniogórski and Legnicko-Głogowski. Training, [...] Lire la suite

Commission adopts ambitious new Circular Economy Package

the Commission adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to stimulate Europe's transition towards a circular economy which will boost global competitiveness, foster sustainable economic growth and generate new jobs. On december 2nd,  the European Commission adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to help European businesses [...] Lire la suite

Responsible action – an opportunity to be harnessed

As I write this column, the rain is pouring down and the wind beats menacingly at the roof sheets. It is almost dawn by the Aura River. This is not the first time this autumn that I have been woken up by nature’s alarm clock instead of my iPhone melody ringtone. Although the weather this morning is most probably just proof that it is early [...] Lire la suite

Danmark and the ‘plus side’ of social businesses

An innovative drop-in centre in Denmark goes one step further … it’s a growing social business in its own right. The Danish city of Aabenraa is showing that a social service like a rehabilitation ‘drop-in’ centre can become a successful business and a positive example for people who seek help there. The ‘Den Blå Oase’ (The Blue [...] Lire la suite

Cop21- Let our Leaders know … The World is watching !

THE WORLD IS WATCHING !... For years we’ve watched our climate change. We’ve watched glaciers melt, seas rise, and storms get fiercer. We’ve watched this new reality transform our lives while too many leaders just stood by. Now the time for standing by and watching is over – and on November 13—14, 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth [...] Lire la suite

Bringing cultures together to forge lasting bonds

The cities of Chaves in northern Portugal and Verín in Galicia, Spain lie so close together they are already classed as a conurbation, despite being on different sides of the border. A project has used these already strong links to bring the two settlements together to form a ‘Eurocity’ which can offer residents a range of shared social, [...] Lire la suite