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Investing in young researchers : Carlos story

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Carlos conducts live-saving research into cancer in Salamanca, Spain. He has been able to advance his studies thanks to support from the European Social Fund (ESF).   The ESF’s Operational Programme … Lire la suite

Une startup finlandaise donne au chocolat un goût plus éthique

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La société de chocolat brut finlandaise Goodio sait comment satisfaire les palais les plus exigeants tout en améliorant le mode de fonctionnement de l’industrie alimentaire. Le co-fondateur de Goodio, Jukka Peltola, fourmille d’idées. La … Lire la suite

How does the European Social Funds (FSE) help european entrepreneurship

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Bringing opportunities to Lithuanian ‘Neet’ youngsters –   ESF- funded project to support more than 35 000 young people as they build a future. The nationwide ‘Discover Yourself’ project aims to … Lire la suite

Partners in Poland’s social economy

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Lower Silesia Voivodship is boosting the region’s ‘third sector’ with the help of ESF funding. Over EUR 3.7 million will go towards the creation of new non-government organisations (NGOs) and for … Lire la suite

Social Innovation and the Social Economy in Greece

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Social innovation and social economy in Greece are relatively new concepts mainly associated to what is known as ‘Solidarity Economy’. While in other European countries discussions related to social innovation have … Lire la suite